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Touchdown India! Throwing the perfect brand spiral.

In the fall of 2012, our agency was awarded a prestigious assignment. Gameplan Creative was asked to develop a comprehensive brand identity for a new football league in South Asia: the Elite Football League of India (the EFLI). The EFLI is an American-style tackle football league played exclusively by native Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans. Any preconceived branding notions of what works for team brand development in North American had to be scrapped and replaced with a completely new approach for identity design in a new region that is unfamiliar with the sport. The EFLI project was an ideal assignment for our agency. With over 25 years of professional team and league brand building success to our credit, we relied on a brand development formula to produce the new league and team brand identities.





The EFLI project assignment was extremely expansive and touched on all aspects of the league. Our designers created a brand from the ground up, which included team names, logos, helmets, color schemes and the creation of a unified team uniform template across all eight teams to help simplify fans understanding of the game and the individual teams and players.


Once the League and Team identities were completed we worked on a series of integrated marketing programs:

EFLI Advertising Campaigns

Apparel Design, Sourcing, Merchandise Concepts

Web Design & Content Management

Social Media

EFLI Marketing & Grassroots

Video & Broadcast Production

League Logo

For the EFLI league logo design, we created a graphic silhouette of a quarterback in action sitting within a strong shield retaining shape to suggest a wide-open, high-scoring style of play. We included icons like the helmet and unique ball to emphasize that this league is based on American-style football, and not the sport of soccer.

Team Naming

We developed simple and recognizable team names that would easily translate into logos and colors. Since we were introducing a new sport in a region unfamiliar with the game, it was critical not to confuse a new audience.


Team Logos

The most critical brand identifier of a football uniform is the team helmet.  The EFLI logos on the team helmet had to be bold, simple and clean to be recognizable from a distance. Our designers used strong line work and bright primary colors to help easily identify each team’s own unique brand identity.

Team Uniforms

The EFLI uniforms are truly in sync with each other. Our vision of creating a standard template for the teams provided the brand with consistency across the league. Within those patterns we switched out colors on the primary body, striping and pants. Our solution has been very successful in helping the EFLI team become easily recognizable due to the standardization of their uniforms.


Brand Extensions


An Award Winning Brand

The EFLI League Brand and Gameplan Creative won a Bronze award for Design at the inaugural CLIO Sports Awards in 2014. The CLIO Awards is one of the world's most recognized awards competitions for advertising, design and communications. We are proud of this prestigious award and to be recognized for the strong brand identity that we developed for the Elite Football League of India.  


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